{Player’s Guide}

Howdy Partner!

You’re about to embark on a roleplay journey that will test your ability, your grit, your work ethic, and your aim.

You arrived in the small, but busy town of Valentine in the New Hanover Territory. Ah, the smell of mud, urine, horse shit, and whores! What more can someone ask for, right?

This tattered, leather bound book will help you get acquainted with the KUFFS Saloon {Western Life Roleplay} Server on the RedM platform.

We are not responsible for lack of sleep, ruined relationships, or diseases contracted from whores.

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The KUFFS Saloon server is whitelisted and applications are OPEN. Membership in our Discord is required to maintain access to our RedM server. That’s where we communicate new information and updates.

For more information on joining our server, look over the information on our How To Join page.

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