{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Fifteen

Various Scripts & Commands

To help enhance your roleplay experience, there are many commands, keybinds, and menus you need to be familiar with. This section will cover some of those.

Telegrams: Everybody likes getting something in the mail. They like personalized telegrams, too! Just go to the post office/train station in most towns and you can buy paper for telegrams at the mailbox area. When you use one of these items, you can write your telegram which will be taken to the recipient by Owl or Raven. If you receive a telegram, you will have an owl or raven fly around you with an occasional prompt to call it and receive your telegram. There’s no way to re-read a telegram at this time, so take a screenshot if you want to be able to refer back to it, for now.

Gun Cleaning: Keeping your firearms good and clean is a great way to keep your ass alive and kickin’! Make sure you purchase gun cleaning oil from the General Store and use it while holding your gun.

Pointing: I know your mom probably told you pointing was rude, but sometimes it’s just necessary. You can point in the direction ahead of your character by pressing B on the keyboard or by entering /p in chat.

Delete Wagon: So you called the wrong wagon, or it’s just plain not needed a the moment? Just sit in the driver seat and enter /dv in the chat box. Then poof! It’ll be gone like a wild mustang.

Gold Panning: Ready to strike it rich? Well, good luck with that because gold panning takes some time and lots of luck. You can buy a gold pan at the General Store. Stand in some water and use it. Best of luck to ya!

Chair Sitting: Some chairs are already made to sit in without the base game mechanics. Some we had some Lagras Voodoo done so they can be sat in. When near a chair/bench, hold G on your keyboard and a prompt will appear to press spacebar. Then a menu will open to allow you to pick some sitting animations. Hold G again to get the spacebar to stand prompt. Press spacebar and on your feet you go.

Lock/Unlock Job Related Doors: A couple of jobs have locked doors to protect sensitive areas. Not always to keep folks out, but sometimes to keep their horse theivin’ asses in! Locked doors with a red lock showing on them can be unlocked by the people with the right job permissions by pressing [L ALT] on the keyboard. Same way will lock an unlocked job door, too.

Emotes: We’ve got several emotes available through chat commands. To play them, enter /e emotename in the chat. For example, /e smoke will play the smoking animation. The full list of emotes is (asleep, beer, beerdrunk, beerstand, broomstanding, broomworking, brush, bucketfill, bucketpour, cardib, champagne, cleanglass, cleantable, clipboard, coffeedown, coffeedrink, coffeeup, cottonbox, counter, counter2, counter3, counter4, counter5, dev1, dev10, dev2, dev3, dev4, dev5, dev6, dev7, dev8, dev9, drinkground, feedchicken, feedpig, fishing, flask, glass, guitar, guitar2, guitar3, inspect, inspect2, kneel, kneel2, kneel3, knifegame, knock, lantern, leanb, leanbknife, leanf, leanf2, leanf3, leanf4, leanf5, leanfhigh, leanl, leanl2, leanlknife, leanpostl, leanpostl2, leanpostr, leanpostr2, leanr, leanrailing, leanrailing2, leanrailing3, leanrailingl, notebook, passout, passout2, passoutwall, peekwindow, rake, readtable, repairbigwheel, repairsmallwheel, sitc, sitc2, sitc3, sitc4, sitc5, sitcbook, sitcknife, sitcknife, sitcknife2, sitcsmoke, sitg, sitgbook, sitgcoffee, sitgdrink, sitgdrunk, sitgknife, sitglean, sitgnews, sitgsmoke, sitgstew, sitl, sitl2, sitt, sleep, sleep2, sleep3, sleep4, smoke, smoke2, smoke3, smoke4, smoke5, squat, stand, stand2, stand3, stand4, standfire, standsad, take, tiedtree, tiedtree2, trumpet, vomit, vomit2, vomit3, vomit4, washhands, whiskey)

To cancel these emotes, press Left Bracket [ on they keyboard. You may occasionally have to take out a weapon to remove props, etc.


  • /bandana – Toggle your face covering bandana.
  • /stinky – Makes a smelly hand gesture.
  • /tip – Tip your hat.
  • /slit – Throat slit animation.
  • /slowclap – Slow clap at some dumbass.
  • /smh – Shake head.
  • /spit – Spit, like a real cowpoke.
  • /no – Thumbs down.
  • /yes – Thumbs up.
  • /wave – Wave at your friends.
  • /bird – Flip someone off.


  • /rc – If your face/clothes, etc didn’t load in when you logged in, enter this chat command to reload your clothing.
  • /p – Point in front of your character (pretty fast point, then it auto stops) – You can also point with the B key on they keyboard.
  • /do – Enter “/do puts his hand on his gun” to send a text emote to the chat of something you’re doing.
  • /me – Enter “/me digs around in his saddlebags” to send a text emote to the chat of something you’re doing.
  • /news – Enter “/news Lemoyne Farms’ fruit stand is open in Valentine near the stables.” to send that as a news announcement. USE THIS SPARINGLY, it’s server-wide.
  • /law – Enter “/law Gunfire has been heard in Valentine.” to send a notice to law enforcement of something that happens. Keep in mind, sometimes law enforcement is nowhere near where that may have happened. You can also use /witness if you prefer, it does the exact same thing.
  • /calllaw – Enter “/calllaw” and that will notify on duty lawmen that their help is requested at a specific location.
  • /doc – Enter “/doc A man has brought an injured person to the Valentine Doctor’s office.” to send a notice to doctors of an injured person. They may not be anywhere nearby, and it’s also suggested that you put your friend on your horse and take them to the doctor’s office.
  • /calldoc – Enter /calldoc and on duty doctors will be notified that they are needed at a specific location.
  • /camp – Opens the camping menu.
  • /dh – When siting on a horse, this command will delete it.
  • /dv – When driving a wagon, boat, or train, you can enter this command to delete it.
  • /coords – If you need to report a bug at a specific location, you can enter this command to show your coordinates on screen. Jot them down for your bug report, then enter the command again to remove it from your screen.


If you want to set up some visual cues for a scene or roleplay scenario, you can create something that looks like this.

Simply enter /scene in text chat and a purple ball will appear on your screen. Move it where you want the scene text to be and enter /scene:place in chat. This will then open a window for you to type what you want to display. Such as “old cigarette butt” or “bloody boot print”. To edit or delete your scene text, get near it and press B on the keyboard to open the edit menu. These scenes are deleted, automatically, after server restarts.

Hanging Flyers/Posters

  • Flyers can be purchased in the “misc” section of General Stores.
  • Use the item from your inventory near a telegraph pole.
  • You MUST have an image link ready to go, so make your image ahead of time.
  • Discord and html links both work. You cannot just put the path to your file on your computer.
  • Best image size: 800×1200
  • These are intended to be used for Wanted Posters (lawmen/bounty only), business advertisements, special event advertisements, etc.
  • When someone walks near a pole that a poster prop is visible on, it will display on their screen until they walk away from it.
  • WARNING: Don’t get your ass banned by posting copyrighted material, vulgar material, or anything else that might break the rules.


  • B on keyboard – point ahead of you.
  • J on keyboard – call your currently set wagon.
  • H on keyboard – whistle for your horse.
  • Z on keyboard – open online player list.
  • PageUp on keyboard – change voice range.
  • PageDown on keyboard – open radial/emote menu.
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