{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Sixteen

Whitelisted Jobs

Some jobs in our server are whitelisted, meaning they require being roleplayed into and “hired”, pre-approval through separate application, and/or direct invite from the the admin team.

At present, these jobs are:

  • Lawman
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Doctor
  • Undertaker
  • Horse Trainer
  • Real Estate Agent – FILLED
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Cartwright

APPLICATIONS for whitelisted jobs require quite some time being active on the server prior to being considered.


The undertaker is responsible for removing dead bodies and burying them in cemeteries. Special rules: Deaths must be reported to local law enforcement if the undertaker believes the death was not by natural causes.


The horse trainer can train horses twice as fast as the regular citizen, increasing their skill and dependability. Trainers can own more horses and can transfer ownership of trained horses back to the original owner that transferred the horse to them for training. They can also catch, break, and sell wild horses to the local horse buyers in various locations.


Blacksmiths can smelt various metals and convert them into metal bars, furniture, and some tools for sale to other players or to other stores.


Carpenters can saw wood into wooden boards, make furniture, and some tools for sale to other players or to other stores.


Cartwrights can build wagons and carts, customize them with various colors and paint schemes, add extras to some, and add lanterns to some. These wagons/carts can then be sold to other players. Cartwrights can also customize other players’ existing carts/wagons after ownership has been transferred to the cartwright. The original owner can see customizations as they’re being made and give input/requests. Once finished, the cart/wagon can be transferred back to the original owner. Cartwrights can also saw wood into wooden boards, make wagon repair kits to sell to other players, and repair broken or damaged carts/wagons. Special rules: Law enforcement and bounty hunter related wagons cannot be sold to players not authorized for using those wagons, no exceptions.

TRAIN COMPANIES – The Rules of the Rail

So you decided to purchase your first train and start your business on the railroad? Congratulations! In order to keep trains moving as quickly and smoothly as possible without any issues, the train owners and admins have put together a train owner guide to inform you of the rules and guidelines that will be enforced in the KUFFS Saloon RedM server. Here are “The Rules of the Rail.”

In order to keep communication between train owners while on the tracks, we have created a private channel in MeganDGaming’s personal Discord to let others know where you are on the map. Keep in mind, this channel is only to be used for communication about what station you have stopped at and when you are leaving that station. (Or perhaps you’re out of coal in your train or you’re stuck somewhere on the tracks and cannot move and need to inform others.) Failure to communicate could have consequences.

There is to be NO third party communication, otherwise. That includes things like TeamSpeak or Discord voice chat. If you are found to be using any other form of third party communication, that is a serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly. Using the train private channel in MeganDGaming’s Discord is the only form of communication that should be used.

No more than 2 trains on the track when people are live streaming. That way we can keep the trains quite a distance from each other so that no one becomes injured or killed due to trains colliding. Best to let others know when you’ll be doing deliveries or carrying passengers, regardless.

SLOW DOWN when approaching a train station. Make sure you’re using your train whistle and bell to inform passengers you’re approaching the station and keep your train moving slowly in case someone is crossing the tracks. No more than 5 mph is safe. Remember, as long as you’re using your whistle often, you may not be found responsible for a player being hurt and/or killed due to not listening to your warning. Pay attention to your surroundings and your controls. If there is any injury or crash on the train tracks, notify local law enforcement and/or doctors.

All train owners must agree upon a safe maximum speed limit for every live stream. Make sure your trains are upgraded accordingly so you are not going too slow or too fast for others!

All tickets are $5 per passenger, regardless of which station you own. Players who come onto your train must pay the $5 ticket fee. Once that passenger disembarks, they will have to pay another $5 to get back on your train, no matter what station they are picked up at.

Make sure to regard the direction of the trains with the picture below. Failure to follow the correct directional procedures can have dire consequences.

Cargo prices can be determined by train owners and business owners.

If lawmen and bounty hunters are transporting prisoners, train owners can charge for the prisoners but lawmen and bounty hunters can ride for free. Train owners can either bill for the prisoner transports or they can work something out beforehand.

Give it a couple of minutes at each station when you stop. Train owners can determine how long each train can stop. At least 2-3 minutes would be best, but make sure you all agree upon a set amount of time.

Make sure you are on duty when you are picking up passengers. You would do t/onduty in the chat box and once you hit Enter you’ll be on duty. Players will be able to call for a train once you’re on duty.

Again, communication in the train channel is best for questions or communication between other train owners.

Enjoy the rails and watch out for those bandits!

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