{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Two

The Beginning

When you first log into the server, you will be able to create a character, dress them up, name them, and love them like yourself.

Take your time with character creation so you get your appearance just right.

Give your character a first and last name (NO RDR2/RDO storyline ped names are allowed, period.) Use a FIRST and LAST name only, no middle names, no middle initials, no special characters.

You’ll start with some cash to get you started. You will drop this money if/when you are incapacitated, so keep very little in your pocket. Store the rest at banks for safe keeping. You will also start with a Cattleman Revolver, 1 box of ammo for it, a knife, 5 coffees, 5 cans of peaches, and 5 cans of kidney beans.


It’s pretty common in RedM to spawn in with your clothing, face, etc partially missing. Never fear, there’s a command for that, it’s /rc


Hunger and thirst can be rough on a hard working soul, but they’re here, regardless. Make sure you eat and drink and don’t overexert yourself. Running uses much more energy and can make you hungry and thirsty faster.

Of course, your health and stamina are represented by the heart and lightning bolt icons.

The “bottle” icon is your thirst meter. As it gets more empty, you’re getting more thirsty. The “apple” icon is your hunger meter. As it gets “eaten”, you’re getting more hungry.

The snowflake/sun icon is the body heat indicator. A white snowflake is normal, a red sun means you’re getting hotter, and a blue snowflake means you’re getting colder. You can remove clothing or put clothing on to help adjust your body temp. If you get too hot, your thirst meter will deplete faster. If you get too cold, your hunger meter will deplete faster.

The shower icon is your cleanliness. White is clean. If you get too dirty, it starts to darken up. If you stay too dirty for too long, you could get sick and need antibiotics. Bathe in a bath tub you buy for your house, use one of the bath house locations (whore or not, you’re business), or bathe in a river.

The headset icon is your voice activity if you’re using push-to-talk. It’ll light up if you’re pressing N on the keyboard to talk. Otherwise, it doesn’t do anything.

Horse health and stamina will display when on a horse. Wagon health will display when in a wagon.

You can adjust the location of these icons to your personal preference. Enter /editneeds in the chat, click your mouse on the screen, then drag the icons where you want them. Press ESC on the keyboard to save their location. You can edit these again the same way any time you want.

You can also change when these display at all. In chat, enter “/hideneeds hidden” to hide them altogether, “/hideneeds whenactive” to only have them pop up when sprinting or when a major change happens, or “/hideneeds visible” to always show them.

Just make sure you drink and eat when you need to. Life is rough out West, but at least you can grow your own food or buy some from a friendly general store or another player!


You can hide the hud elements by typing /hideui. Toggle it back on with /hideui.

You may find that toggling the hud on/off will change your chat box settings. If so, you can toggle between the 3 modes with the /toggleChat command. Hidden means it’ll never display chat. When Active means it’ll only display when something has been sent to display there. Visible means it’ll always stay visible.


To find your way around on the map, there are some icons you need to be familiar with:

  • Hanging Wooden Sign – General Store where you can buy grocery items, horse feed, and a growing selection of other various sundries.
  • Horseshoe – Stables where you can buy horses, accessories for horses, and wagons/coaches for personal use.
  • Butcher’s Chopping Table – This is where the butchers are located. They’ll buy pelts and animals you’ve collected while hunting.
  • Wash Basin – This is where you can go to enjoy a nice warm bath after a long day’s work. Bathe yourself for just $1 or have a whore bathe you for $5 (Don’t get excited, horn-dogs, this is pretty much Rated G).
  • Columned Building – This is where the Banks are located. Use these to keep your money safe from thieves and misfortune while out on the trail. You can keep your money here and transfer money to other citizens.
  • Pistol – This is the ever popular weapon shop. You can buy pistols, rifles, shotguns and many other types of weapons. Don’t forget the ammunition!
  • Suit Jacket – This is the clothing store. If you decide you need some new duds, just go visit the tailor and they’ll fix you right up. Each piece of clothing costs money shop only when you really need to.
  • Scissors – This is where you can go to get your hair fixed up real nice like.
  • Doctor’s Bag – This map icon denotes the location of medicinal tonic stores, which are almost always attached to doctors’ offices.
  • Envelope – You’ve got mail! Well, you might actually. You can send and receive telegrams if you buy telegram papers at the Post Offices. There’s also a postman job if you need a decent income while just delivering mail and packages around the region.
  • Wagon Wheel – Got an itch to see the countryside and make good money at the same time? Then being a coach driver might just be your dream job. You’ll have to pay a fee for your coach, but you’ll get paid handsomely for taking patrons to their destinations.
  • Movie Ticket – Need some entertainment? Occasionally the theatres in various towns and cities show these new-fangled moving picture shows and even live shows!
  • Boat – Swimming is difficult and can really tire you out. Don’t risk drowning, buy your own boat! You can fish from it or just use it to get to a quiet relaxing island for the day.
  • House – Houses that are available for purchase. If there’s no marker like this on one, then it’s most likely owned by someone else. Property rights are kind of a big to do, so be mindful of other people’s homes. Trespassing is dangerous, I’d advise against it.


When you purchase items from a shop or are given/sold something from another player, it most often goes into your Inventory as an item.

To begin using weapons, lasso’s, or anything normally in your weapon wheel, you’ll need to double click that item in your inventory. It should then move to the weapon wheel. You can only have one of each weapon type equipped at once. If you want to unequip a weapon, right click on it’s icon in your inventory and choose [Unequip].

Weapon Ammo Information

When you purchase ammo from the weapon stores, you’re buying a BOX OF AMMO, not an individual bullet, etc. So buy one at a time, USE it from your inventory, and then it should be in your “gun belt” that’s in your inventory. You can right click it and see how much of each ammo you currently have. You can buy multiple boxes, but don’t spam using them, use one, check that it applied to your gun belt, then use another if you need. Spamming the use might cause you to lose/not load all of them. However, many weapons have maximums. 100 at a time is probably plenty, keep the rest in your inventory, on your horse, etc as the unused box until you need more.

DO NOT use the Ability Loadout option in the weapon wheel, it may lock up your RedM and you’ll have to force close and log back in.

Items like food, drinks, cigarettes, etc can usually be double clicked in the inventory and used as well. Once you use the item, it’s quantity will decrease by 1 and you’ll consume that item, along with any animation that may be assigned to its use and any thirst/hunger change, or other effects.


You can only carry 350 items in your personal inventory. Each item counts, so a stack of 10 items counts as 10 items. Once your inventory is full, you may not get things you purchase, harvest, pick up, etc. Sometimes you’ll get a warning, sometimes you won’t. So keep a check on your inventory and offload to your horse, wagon, or house to free up space. Long story short, only carry what you absolutely need to maintain enough room for goodies while you’re out and about.

You can only carry a maximum of 6 weapons in your personal inventory. Most anything that attaches to the weapon wheel once equipped counts in that total. Fishing rod, binoculars, don’t, just actual weapons. You’ll have to store some in your house or on your horse before being able to buy more.

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