{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Eight

Houses & Hotels

Been a long day out on the land and you need a place to rest up and recharge?


NOTE: Players may own one house/property. Since housing is very limited in RedM, there aren’t enough interiors to allow both characters to have one. You’ll need to use horse/wagon inventory or rent a hotel room for one of your 2 characters.

A real estate agent can show you around available houses prior to purchasing them.

Houses may be sold and then purchased by other characters. In a sell transaction, 94% of the purchase price goes to the seller, 6% goes to the real estate commission.

If you sell your house, it’ll be back on the market for someone else to buy. Real Estate Agents can show other characters around the house. Once someone else buys it, then you get your money. That money will be in the Sold Home Ledger found in most towns (often in or near the train station). You’ll need to go claim your money from the sale there. The marker looks like this:

Owned properties offer larger storage than horses or wagons.

Each un-owned property is denoted on the map with a house symbol. Properties that are currently owned will have the house symbol removed from the map, except for the character that owns it. That character will see a house symbol with an H in it.

If you’re interested in a property, you can walk up to the primary door and press G to open the buying menu. Don’t worry, you can backspace out/cancel if you change your mind before finalizing the purchase. Once You have the money required for the purchase price, simply walk up to the property you wish to own, and press G to purchase it, following the prompts.

Once owned, To access the property approach the same door and press LEFT SHIFT on the keyboard or A on controller to unlock/lock the door. You can press G or DPadUp near the door to manage some functions of the house, like give a key to another player, set the location of your inventory storage, set the location of your wardrobe/changing room, remove keys from someone, etc.

To access property inventory, walk to where you set your inventory point in house management and press G to open it. The property inventory works in the same fashion as horse and coach inventory to drag items between your inventories.

To access your wardrobe/changing room, walk to where you set your point for it, and press G to open it. You can change to outfits you have previously saved in a Clothing Store.

Here is a video by the script’s developer showing how some house options work: https://youtu.be/8CBbfAqdrbY?t=242


Your house inventory starts at 800, but can be upgraded 3 times to a maximum of 1400. These upgrades add 200 additional storage slots each. Materials for upgrading are 50 nails, 25 wooden boards, and 10 clay.


You are able to purchase and place some items in and within about 40 game measurement units of your primary door. If you change your mind on a piece of furniture, you can remove it and it goes back into your inventory. You can then sell it to the general store or another player. Furniture will automatically disappear and re-appear based on view distance to help with performance. SPECIAL NOTE: Houses that are “teleport in/out” houses will not allow you to put furniture outside of your home.


There is a house money ledger accessible from your house management menu. Owners of houses must have the tax fee deposited in their house ledger prior to the 14th of each real life month. On the 15th, any houses that didn’t have enough in the ledger to pay the taxes is seized by the state and placed back up for sale. Your purchase price is not refunded. You will lose all furniture, inventory, regular ledger, etc.


Real Estate Agents have the ability to “no clip” into houses and show prospective clients around. They can’t access the house inventory or anything like that, only enter and show people around and take pictures. Current real estate agent is: Anna Wallace (aka MeganDGaming).

Anna Wallace (aka MeganDGaming) has a specific schedule for showing houses to others when she is in town. The schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesdays from 7 PM Central until 9 PM Central (max of 2 houses per appointment)
  • Saturday afternoons from 3 PM Central to 5 PM Central (max of 2 houses per appointment)
  • All other days Anna is preparing sweets for the bakery or trying to earn some money so she will be unavailable. You can DM MeganDGaming to work out another day, but please understand she may be busy.

*If you are interested in a home, let MeganDGaming know which county you are looking to live in (ex: New Austin, West Elizabeth, New Hanover, etc…) as well as which house numbers you have been looking at. There are multiple houses on our server and it’s easier for her to have that information so she can assist with showing houses. You can DM her on Discord to speak about house matters and ask questions.


There are also hotel rooms that can be rented in most towns for around $1 per day. Some larger/nicer rooms may be $2 per day. These have very limited storage (200 pieces), but can get you by until you save up to purchase a cabin or house. They aren’t fancy, but they are cheap, and sometimes near a whore bath. So enjoy that. If you rent a room for 30 days, for example, you have to re-rent it after it expires, but before someone else rents it. There’s currently no way to extend your rental. Anything in inventory when the rental expires remains in the room’s inventory for the next tenant, even if it isn’t you.

There is currently no way to invite/allow others into your hotel room.

WARNING! Do NOT log out inside your hotel room. You will not be able to get out. These interiors are solo instances and can only be entered/exited through the marker at the door.


Entire hotels can also be purchased by characters. Limit of 1 per character! There’s a very limited number of hotels you can own. Basically, you buy it at the hotel’s name marker, for example: “Smithfield’s Rooms” by pressing G and having the money on you for the cost. These are typically priced at $100 per room. So a 3 room hotel is $300. Some are more expensive if they have $2 larger/nicer rooms. At $1-$2 per room per day, it’ll take quite a while to see a profit. Think outside the box and get to know your tenants. Offer other goods and services like meals and things they can purchase directly from you through character to character trade.

You can withdraw any income from the hotel from the same marker you purchased it at. This marker menu also shows you who’s rented each room and when their rental expires. Use this to your advantage to know who your renters are, try to interact with them some to entice them to re-rent. Advertise your hotel and any special things you may offer for renters to drive business. Take out and add in the newspaper if you want, etc.

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