{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Six

Cooking & Crafting


In order to cook any animal meat you receive from the butcher, you must first either locate a suitable campfire, use the camp script menu to place your own campfire and cooking pot, or use an existing stove/oven. DO NOT USE COOKING RECIPES UNLESS YOU ARE NEAR ONE OF THESE COOKING PROPS. Using it wherever is fail rp and not allowed at all.

Approach the fire/cooking pot, stove, or oven. Open your Cookbook (purchased from a General Store).

From the cooking UI, select the type of meat you wish to cook and click “craft”. Each time it will cook ONE of the meat type you selected. There is a queue limit of 5, until the countdown for them expires. Make sure you don’t craft more than you can hold at once, or you’ll lose the ingredients and the final product if you can’t hold it (ie total inventory space, and/or stack size of the final product).

Repeat this process as necessary for each type of meat you have. After each successful cook, a message will flash on your screen indicating you’ve successfully cooked a meat type.

Your cooked meat will show in your inventory. To consume it, double click the inventory item you wish to consume. A ped animation will play briefly. Some items will restore portions of your health and stamina as well as hunger/thirst.

YOU MUST have the meat type you wish to cook IN YOUR INVENTORY. Missing items attempted to be cooked will flash an error message on screen telling you that you do not have the correct item.

The recipes for cooking will be continuously added to and increased. Necessary ingredients will show in the menu.


In order to craft items, you’ll need a Workbench Wonders book, which can be purchased at the General Stores. Simply use the workbench item in your inventory to begin crafting.

Crafting recipes can be seen in the menu. Crafting works pretty similar to cooking, and uses the same basic menu format.

There are some crafting recipes that can only be opened when near specific props on the map. Such as smelting gold at Blacksmithing locations, turning cotton into cloth and animal hides into leather at Cotton Gins, crafting oils at Heartland Oilfields, etc. There may also be some crafting recipes that are job specific. For example, only carpenters can make wooden furniture & decor, blacksmiths can make some metal furniture & decor items.

You can refine gold nuggets into ingots, ingots into bars, and sell them for a better profit than just selling the nuggets. Visit a blacksmithing location and refine the gold there. You’ll need 30 nuggets and a pickling solution for an ingot, and 3 ingots and a pickling solution for a bar. Only characters with the blacksmith job can create some items.

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