{Player’s Guide}

Chapter One


The year is 1895 – The characters/events of the Game’s Story and/or Red Dead Online Never existed/happened.

  1. The minimum age to apply for civilian access to our server is 16 and the minimum age to apply for access to any whitelisted jobs is 18.
  2. Do not assume the identity/look/appearance of any in-game character from the story/lore of the game, or real life famous outlaws, lawmen, etc. Be creative, original and come up with your own look and identity and add to OUR world in game. DON’T BE LAZY and DON’T Rely on the game story for a character. Such characters will be deleted from the database. Keep your height at 1.0 to avoid clothing issues.
  3. Players are limited to a max of two characters at any given time.
  4. Life is to be valued in game, as it is very easy to die, much more so than in RDR2 Single player and/or Red Dead Online.
  5. If you die and are not revived by a doctor and choose to respawn, you will drop all the money you have on you and respawn in a doctor’s office, regardless of your last location on the map. There are no teleport options. If you die, you ‘ll need to ride back to your death location (if you can find it) to retrieve your money. MONEY WILL NOT BE REPLACED IF YOU LOSE IT UPON DEATH. KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK AND PLAY YOUR CHARACTER LIKE THEIR LIFE IS PRECIOUS.
  6. ABSOLUTELY ZERO KOS (Kill on sight) Engaging in this behavior is a cardinal sin DO NOT DO IT. Legit Role-play MUST precede any player killing another player. Breaking this rule will result in your being banned from the RedM server.
  7. PERMADEATH is a real threat here. If you commit a crime, are caught and sentenced to death by hanging/firing squad, that character is dead permanently. Immediately following your permadeath, Players are expected to relog and destroy that character ASAP. The actions of your character will have consequences. You are not allowed to transfer any items, money, or property to another character or player.
  8. If a character is jailed, that character will remain jailed until sentence is carried out or the marshals release you from jail.
  9. The pma-voice system allows for directional proximity based voice audio, and we’ve provided a telegram system in game and text chat commands for witnessing/reporting a crime, calling lawmen, or summoning the doctor. IMPORTANT: Use of any third party voice-com while on our server gives unfair advantage to those in that voice-com and is grounds for immediate ban.
  10. Keep in mind that police and doctor response will not be quick in most cases. Definitely no response times even remotely close to response times in FiveM.
  11. If you die and have another player with you. You may choose to ignore the respawn prompt and have your friend pick you up, place you on their horse and take you to a doctor. This is the preferred method for seeking medical care/reviving if possible.
  12. Doctors will typically not respond to the scene of the injury as a modern day ambulance and medic crew would. You’ll have to go to the doctor 95% of the time to access treatment/reviving.
  13. Medical help is NOT FREE. The doctors and staff charge for reviving and medications because brewing the medications is time consuming and costs them money for seeds, etc. You are expected to pay between $5 and $10 for most treatments, some may be more expensive. Failure to do so will result in a report with the local law enforcement for defrauding medical staff.
  14. Secondary holsters/weapons & Dual Wielding hand held firearms is a bit different in RedM than RDO and singleplayer. Secondary holsters will show, but may sometimes remain empty visually.
  15. If you are arrested by a law enforcement officer, you are considered disarmed. The use of ANY of your weapons is forbidden.
  16. Also, if arrested, do NOT break out of your hogtie unless the law enforcement officer leaves you unattended out of sight of them or another law enforcement officer. You’re tied up and disarmed, remember, no knife to cut free. DON’T CHOOSE THE GIVE UP OPTION, OR YOU’LL DIE. JUST HANG TIGHT AND LET THE ROLEPLAY CONCLUDE.
  17. When you’re placed in a prisoner wagon, do NOT get out of it. Let the lawman/bounty hunter remove you from it. Game mechanics haven’t been decoded to allow locking the doors on wagons. Therefore, they’re to be considered locked at all times.
  18. BOUNTY MISSIONS ARE OFF-LIMITS unless your character is an approved lawman or approved bounty hunter. Don’t risk it, shit is logged.
  19. Each PLAYER is limited to ONE house, period. If you buy a second, we’ll just delete one, including all of it’s inventory. House interiors are extremely limited in RedM, so you should let other players have a chance at a house. There are hotels that can be rented, and you can store inventory in multiple horses and/or wagons.
  20. Once you’ve logged into the server, gotten your character created, and are ready to get started, you MUST get a National Identification Card for that character.

National Identification Cards

Identities can be registered in the following locations:
Valentine – Inside the train station where postman job used to be.
Blackwater – Inside the town hall at the front counter.
Rhodes – Inside the train station where postman job used to be.
St. Denis – Inside police department, front counter.

Height and weight are in kg and cm at the moment. Waiting on an update from the script’s developer to change that. You can convert to those values here: https://www.albireo.ch/bodyconverter/

Photos can be taken by you, or a photographer player in-game and submitted, along with your NR number. The photo will be added to the system so they show up when you view it or show it to someone, manually and confirmed complete for you in your support ticket. For example, Phil McGroine’s has to be named N688W621.png. Open a #saloon-support-request in the Discord and include the character pic and NR (national registration) number.

Alternatively, and much quicker, you can upload your own picture if you want. Here’s the guidelines for those. If you need help, reach out to a Welcome Wagon member.

  • Must be 200×160 pixels in size
  • Black and White
  • Decent quality (not fuzzy, no funny effects added)
  • Upload to Discord, Imgur, etc.
  • Provide the link in the space provided. (See below)

Other ID Card Info

  • You can return to the registration office to get a copy of your ID card or change information on it, for a small fee.
  • Identification cards are required for all characters.
  • Lawmen may request your identification card, so don’t lose it. It costs a little money again to get a replacement. You “use” the item in your inventory to show your ID to the closest player.
  • Lawmen can create ID entries for characters, but you’d still have to go to the National Registration Office to get a copy (after you’ve re-logged to refresh database info)
  • There is a place in St. Denis, where Mrs. Thompson can create a FAKE ID card for you. But that’ll have to be found on your own. DO NOT share the location with anybody out of character. All info on this must be shared in-character and in-game only.
  • Fake IDs are illegal and will get your character sent to Sisika. IF they figured out in-character that your identification is fake, of course.


In order to keep OOC (out of character) discussion to a minimum, we’ve got a few suggested lingo terms for use.

  • Signed In to Server – Came into town, in town, arrived in town, etc.
  • Signed Out of Server – Left town, no longer in town, went home to rest, etc.
  • AI/NPC Characters – locals
  • Real Players – citizens
  • Discord (refer to it or look at it for questions/answers) – Ancient text of Discordia (or refer to it as Discordia for short)
  • Need to Step Away for a Moment (but not AFK) – Need to get out of my head for a moment, need to clear my mind for a moment (or similar wording). Use this for when you need to speak with your live chat (push to talk should be used so players don’t hear that)


Our server uses the built-in pma-voice voice chat ONLY. There are no long range voice communications during this time period. DON’T USE OTHER VOICE-COMS with a group, it’s unfair to other players.

Make sure the in-game voice in Settings/Audio is turned on and set up as you need it.

You will only be able to talk to and hear people within the current voice range.

There are several range settings for your voice/hearing. You can change your current range by pressing [PAGEUP], the range information will be displayed in the bottom right of your screen.

Most of the time, you should use the normal or whisper ranges. Shout range (roughly 20 meters) is for when you need to be able to talk at a greater distance. Like warning someone off your property, or during a standoff with lawmen, or just when you’re in a bind and need the help of passersby, or possibly when riding with a group. Just be mindful, other people can hear you if they’re within that distance. Again, press [PAGEUP] on the keyboard to cycle through voice ranges.

If you have lots of background noise, you’ll need to set yourself to push-to-talk.

The ability to hear positional proximity based voice audio is really neat.


You MUST be running Rockstar Launcher and Steam before accessing our server. Discord roles are used for whitelisting on this server, so you may need to be authenticated with Discord, too.


Life should be valued at all times. That means your character’s life, and the life of other characters and NPCs. You should have your character act according to their personality when faced with a life threatening situation. You must attempt to preserve your character’s life and respect the sanctity of the lives of others. Trust me, it’s much more fun to have “beef” with folks over a long period of time than it is to just shoot them and ride away. Don’t fuck up here, random killing and/or KOS is not allowed.


While we want to keep things realistic and roleplay things out, we also understand this is a game, which by nature should be enjoyable as much as possible. That being said, these are the official guidelines on what to do when there is an injured, downed, or “dead” character by the game mechanics standards. When a character is injured and knocked to the ground, meaning the base game treats them as “dead”, follow these guidelines. You, as the player, get to choose which of these will apply to your character, however, keep it as realistic as possible. If you fell from a high ass cliff, your character should at minimum be unconscious. Let’s allow for some realism and for some roleplay not only for you, but for your friends around, doctors, and/or lawmen.

If you are down and no doctor characters are on, you have 2 options. Wait out the timer and respawn, or call the /nurse. If you are in the middle of roleplay with other players, you should wait out any roleplay happening and let one of them take you to the nearest doctor’s office before you use the /nurse option. The /nurse option is there for emergencies when there’s no player doctor on and you have a mishap. It’s gonna cost you $10, regardless.

DOWNED/INJURED CHARACTER – A character that is injured and laying on the ground, but is still able to communicate verbally. You can maintain complete memory of everything that happens around you and to you during this state of injury. This means conversations, medical response, lawman response, etc. You can also remember what happened to you prior to your injury.

UNCONSCIOUS CHARACTER – A character that is injured and laying on the ground, that can only communicate with /me medical or visual cue related responses. No verbal responses. You should communicate something like “/me is unconscious, bleeding from the mouth”, or “/me is unconscious, with a visible stab wound to the chest”. This will communicate to those around you that your character cannot verbally respond because they aren’t conscious, however, you can still use the /me text to give them the visual cues they need to get you proper treatment. You can remember what happened to you prior to your injury, unless you think the injury should include some memory loss/head injury.

DEAD CHARACTER – A character that is injured on the ground and will not be revivable. This is a permanent thing and cannot be undone once you have chosen this route. If you wish for your character to be dead, use something like “/me has no pulse and has expired” or something similar. The responding lawman or doctor will then take your body to either a doctor’s office or undertaker’s office. You can then log out, and upon next log in you must DELETE that character. If you wish to roleplay out a funeral for your character, we don’t currently have a method for doing that in a great way, but reach out to Welcome Wagon members to see what we can come up with.


As the character’s player, you can use a combination of downed or unconscious states for your character. But remember, you can only communicate verbally if downed, or non-verbally with /me text if unconscious. You also cannot remember things that happen to you while in an unconscious state.

Other players cannot force another character to be unconscious, wake up, or be dead. Keep things realistic, but the ultimate choice on what a character’s status is rests with it’s player, not other players. Use common sense when interacting with injured characters and take cues from the owner of that character as to their status.


No player is allowed to force another player to kill off or permanently injure or maim their character. Any permanent death, permanent injury, torture, disfigurement, etc must be agreed to in an OOC discussion ahead of time or in private messages. The only exception to this is if a criminal character has been found guilty in court and sentenced to death.


Your two characters are not allowed to share money, weapons, horses, etc. Each character has their own life and their own “things”. For the most part, your characters should not know each other. If you do insist that they know each other, be very very careful not to metagame. What one character knows in-character the other one probably does not. This can easily lead to FailRP, so be very mindful of that. Characters may know of each other, but being close friends/relatives is generally a bad idea. If you do it right and don’t abuse things or metagame, it probably won’t be an issue. If in doubt, feel free to ask staff members for input and guidance.

Do not ever use any exploits of game/script mechanics to transfer items or money between your characters. That defeats the purpose of having two individual characters. The money & items will be removed from both characters and moderators/admins may issue you a ban, the length of which will depend on severity and frequency of your exploit. Your 2nd character may be deleted altogether.

Don’t “carebear” new players by giving them expensive items, horses, etc. Let them learn and grow like you did.

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