{Player’s Guide}

Chapter 22

Illegal Activities

There are also some…shall we say…not so legal activities you can participate in. There’s the obvious, robbing people, stealing things, and the like. But we have a few other things for riff raff to do. We won’t explain in-depth to you how to do it, you gotta learn how to do illegal things and not get caught! Remember, in-character actions bring in-character consequences.


Since the beginning of time, people have needed to get high or stoned! The same is true in our neck of the woods here. There are 2 illegal drugs at this time, possession or sale of which could land you in hot water with the law.

  • Opium – This can be grown and smoked in a pipe for hallucinations and a great ride.
  • Shrooms – Liberty Cap Mushrooms can be grown and eaten to take a wild ride on the “where the hell am I train”.

Marijuana is NOT illegal, but also provides some fun stoned visual effects. Smoke too much and you’ll pass out, though.


White lighting, mulekick, pass around, firewater, bootleg…whatever you choose to call it, it’s illegal, pure and simple. You can buy the materials needed from the hooch shack, but don’t get caught brewing/shining. You’ll get locked up and your still will be confiscated and destroyed. This is one of those times we won’t give you specific instructions on how to do it. Good criminals have a way of finding out what they need to find out. There is a little more information on moonshining in Chapter 12 of this guide.


Banks and some cash registers can be robbed. It’s a bit involved and requires a few steps that we’ll share only the highlights here. You’ll need to figure most of this out on your own.

Bank robberies require lockpicks to get to the back rooms and dynamite to blow the vault. Possession of those items are crimes of different levels. There’s an alarm system that will sound once you blow the vault, so you’ll need to local that alarm panel and match the wire colors to shut it off. Local and player law enforcement may show up to stop your robbery attempt. Killing or injuring people during the robbery will net you additional major charges, so be aware of that.

Cracking the safe – Start with D on keyboard, which spins the dial to the left, increasing in numbers. When you hear a change in the clicks (it is only a very slight change in sound, so listen close), you’re in the right spot. Press W to lock the tumbler in. If you go past it a little, you can quickly back up to it again and lock the tumbler in. Then press A to spin the dial the other direction, following the same process. Once you have locked in 4 tumblers, the vault will open. You will then be rewarded with your loot, if any. If you lock in at the wrong spot, you will have to start over. If you need to stop the attempt, press S to cancel the safe cracking attempt. You can start it again, if you choose.

For cash registers, you need a lockpick. These are considered burglary tools and might get you in trouble if caught with them. Walk up to the register and follow the prompt to begin picking it. You have 5 tries per lockpick. The bottom portion moves with A & D on the keyboard, the top portion moves with your mouse.

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