{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Nineteen

Bounty Hunter Job

The bounty hunter job requires being roleplayed into and “hired”, pre-approval through separate application, and/or direct invite from the the admin team.

Bounty hunters have some of the same menu features that Lawmen do, but not quite as many.

Bounty Hunting Licenses are issued by and revoked by the US Marshal Service. Being a bounty hunter is not a free license to kill other civilians, law enforcement utilizes bounty hunters to help apprehend fugitives. Some fugitives may be dangerous and must be incapacitated, however, the US Marshal Service and local Sheriffs prefer to have their bounties brought in alive and well to be able to stand trial for their crimes.

Bounty hunters should follow all laws and always attempt to detain bounty targets in a safe and non-violent manner whenever possible. Bounty hunters that become too violent may have their licenses revoked by the US Marshal Service.

Bounty hunters are responsible for obtaining their own weapons, lasso’s, and wagons for use in their profession.

Bounty hunters must remain in good standing with law enforcement in the areas they wish to pick up bounties in. It’s highly suggested that a bounty hunter check in with local law enforcement prior to performing any pickups in their jurisdiction.


To access the bounty hunter menu, once whitelisted for the job, enter /bh in the chat box.

There’s only a few options in here, pertaining to detaining and securing your bounty target.


Various bounty boards outside the Sheriff’s Departments will give you some NPC bounties to run. These may be quite a distance away and may contain more than one bounty target who are violent. These can only be completed if the targets are killed, currently, so these bounties are excluded from the non-violent detainment requirements. To track your bounty, “use” the wanted poster from your inventory.


Player character bounty boards are located near Sheriff’s Departments. Any bounties issued by Sheriffs or Marshals will be displayed here. You are able to follow 1 active player character bounty at a time. If you apprehend the bounty, bring them back to the area near the bounty board for the town the bounty was issued in. They will then be put in a cell to await lawmen.

BOUNTIES ARE OFF-LIMITS to those not approved and licensed as bounty hunters or approved lawmen.

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