{Player’s Guide}

Chapter 21

Non-Whitelisted Jobs

These jobs don’t require any special approval to hold. Simply go to one of the Job Centers labeled on the map. In many towns it’s in or near the train station.


The mining job allows you to obtain various items that you can use to upgrade your house, sell at your shop, or sell to other citizens or shops as well. Different items you can obtain are clay, stone, coal, iron, copper, and more! Every mine produces different items and every citizen will need to visit those mines in order to take note of what they offer. If you take the miner job at the Job Center, you get more from the mining process than someone who does not hold that job. However, you are not required to hold the miner job in order to mine, you just get less from each mining attempt.

There are 11 current mines to visit, several are located in West Elizabeth and New Austin, but there are a few in Ambarino and New Hanover as well. Each mine is located with a white background with the letter “M” on it.

To mine, you’ll need a miner’s pickaxe and a mining helmet. The helmet has a light that allows you to see in the dark, giving you a better view of the cave. To equip both your pickaxe and your helmet, double click them in your inventory. Your pickaze will break over time, so make sure to have an extra one on your horse or wagon just in case you plan on being in the cave for a while. Blacksmiths can also craft pickaxes. Since miners can sell their ores to blacksmiths, it’s a good idea to build a good working relationship with them.

Once you’ve gone into the cave, find the prompts to start mining. Your character will begin mining. Move to other areas of the mine to continue your work. There is a cool down process with each mining spot, so you may need to wait several minutes to mine again in some places.

Keep an eye on how many items are in your pocket (inventory) so you don’t lose any items in the process. You may need to move items to a wagon if you’ve reach the stack size of them. Also, be mindful of any predators that may lurk around the caves. They may just try to visit you while inside.

If you decide to become a blacksmith (a whitelist app is required for that job) then you can obtain more items in the mines and use those items at a blacksmith location to make some needed products! Miners can sell the things they’ve mined to blacksmiths and make a nice living doing so. Make friends with them and build that business relationship.

Be careful out there and happy mining!


The lumberjack job allows you to chop down trees, obtain wood, sap, or honey, and take the wood to a local Lumber Yard to make wooden boards. You can also sell the wood and honey to those that need it. (Currently, sap cannot be sold but in the future it may be able to.) Taking the Lumberjack Job at the Job Center will give you a higher return from trees you’re chopping. However, you don’t have to have the job in order to chop trees, you’ll just get a lower number of items per tree.

To get started, you’ll need to buy a woodcutter’s axe from the General Store. This axe will break over time, so you may want to have a few on hand just in case. You can equip the axe by double clicking on it in your inventory.

There is one designated area for the lumberjack job which is the Ponderosa Pines, located just southeast of Valentine. Currently, there are no other locations available, however, more locations will be added over time. Keep in mind that private property trees need to be left alone. (Trespassing on someone’s property is always a big no-no.)

Once you have your axe and are in the Ponderosa Pines area, walk up to a tree and follow the prompt to chop down the tree. Your character will begin to chop down the tree and you’ll be given either wood, sap, honey, or potentially two or three of those items. There is a cooldown phase between each area of trees, so if you’re not getting a prompt right away, move around to another tree, or be patient and wait for the prompt to return.

Keep in mind that you may not get too many items each time and also be mindful of how many items you can carry in your pocket at one time. Transfer items to a wagon if you are near the stack limit.

You can sell the wood currently at any Building Supply location if you don’t wish to make wooden boards or just want to make some money. Sap and honey cannot be sold anywhere, yet. Honey can be used to make food recipes like a honey biscuit.

You can also take the wood to any Lumberyard location and create wooden boards. Wooden boards can be used to upgrade your home, sell at your business if you’d like, or sell to other citizens in the server who may need it like a cartwright or carpenter.

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