{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Three


Players have the ability to deposit/store their money in one of the 4 banks in the game world – St Denis, Valentine, Blackwater and Rhodes.

At this time, Cash is the only item that can be deposited. Gold as money is not used in our server, unless it’s to trade between players. You can exchange gold at the bank for cash. All in-game shops use cash only.

The banks do not share bank accounts. If you put your money in the bank at Valentine, Then Valentine will be the bank you must go to to withdraw it. Any money you store at one bank is not accessible at other bank locations.

To Deposit Money:
Open the bank menu by pressing G on the keyboard when prompted near the banker window and choose “Deposit”.
Using the entry box, enter the amount of cash you wish to deposit. Make sure you enter the amount in a proper monetary format (dollars/decimal/cents) (i.e. if you wish to deposit $10 the format would be 10.00, etc

Once You’ve entered the desired amount, click “Confirm” below the amount box.

To Withdraw Money:
Open the bank menu and choose “Withdraw Cash”.

Using the same actions and format as above, enter desired amount and click “Confirm” under the entry box.

To See Your Current bank balance:
Open the bank menu and look at the first line.

To Exchange Gold:
There is also a gold exchange teller in each of the banks. Simply walk up to that window, open the “store” and sell the gold nuggets, ingots, or bars for cash.

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