{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Twenty

Player Owned Shops/Stores

Want to sell things you’ve grown, collected, or hunted down? Now you can! For a fee, of course. Character owned stores/shops require a decent investment up front, plus a monthly flat tax.

Each of your characters is allowed to own one store/shop, which means a max of 2 for you as the player.

DO NOT place these shops anywhere other than on the house property you own, unless you have submitted a saloon-support-request ticket in Discord to have another location approved. If you spend the money for a business license and place it in an unapproved area, it may be deleted from the database, without any refund to your character of money and items.

Business License Clerk – Located in the Town Hall/Courthouse in Blackwater.


  • Purchase a Shop Creation License from the Business License Clerk inside the Town Hall/Courthouse in Blackwater for $500 cash.
  • Go to the exact location you want your shop menu to be accessed and the map blip to show up.
  • The shop license only makes a location for the shop menu/inventory to open. It does not set up any props, tents, etc. So plan your spot based on what you’ve got to work with around your property. Use furniture/decor you’ve purchased to make it look more like a store or vendor stand.
  • Use the Shop Creation License from your inventory by double clicking it.
  • The menu will then be used to set your shop up. Give it a name so people know what to expect there.
  • Monthly taxes of $50 are automatically taken from your shop’s tax ledger, just like houses. This occurs on the 15th of each month at approximately 9:30am Eastern Time. If your tax ledger does not have enough to cover the $50 tax, your store is repossessed. No refunds are given because you fail to keep up with your shop. This automation helps to remove shops that are not being kept up or are owned by inactive players.
  • Drag items from your inventory into the shop’s menu, set the quantity you are adding, and the price each. When players buy from your shop, the money automatically goes into your store’s general ledger, where you can withdraw it if you choose.
  • If you want to buy some items, you can search the items database and add that item to your “wanting to buy” list and set how much per item you want to pay. This purchase comes out of your shop’s general ledger, so you need to keep enough money in there to cover any buy orders you may have posted.
  • If you want to move your shop point somewhere else, you can do that for a $100 in-game fee. Keep in mind, if you put a shop in an unapproved location, it may be deleted by an admin.
  • If your shop is constantly empty and/or not kept up with, it may be deleted by an admin.
  • Vulgar or inappropriate shop names may cause your shop to be deleted by an admin.


Saloon owners can legally brew alcohol to sell in their establishments. It will require a combination of ingredients, as well as a liquor license. This is highly regulated both in-character and out-of-character.

  • A liquor license is required. This is purchased from and issued by Chief US Marshal Phil McGroine after approved application. (Submit support ticket in Discord).
  • The only permitted brewing location is at the distillery in Blackwater.
  • Alcohol cannot be sold direct outside of the owned saloon. All other sales should take place only from within owned saloon “shop” system.
  • Law enforcement characters can ask to see the liquor license at any time.
  • Violations of brewing laws could result in fines, jail time, and/or revocation of liquor license.
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