{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Twelve


Some of the citizens may be interested in the lucrative trade of moonshine. However, heed this warning, shine making is illegal in all states. If that’s a risk you’re willing to take, by all means, have at it. Just remember, moonshiners don’t cry.

Making moonshine requires a few things and some financial investment. The items you need are:

  • Moonshine Still
  • Sugar
  • Cornmeal
  • Water
  • Repair supplies – iron hammer and nails.

You’ll have to figure out the correct mixture, yourself, bootlegger. But also pay attention to the status of your still, it can and will explode if you don’t keep it in good condition.

The still can be purchased from the old hick shiner out near the swampy areas around the Kamassa River. He’ll also buy your brew for $8.00 per bottle. He’s got a pretty nice hidden bar where drunks like to hang out and drink the various moonshines from around the area.

If you want to make even more money, you can export your brew a distance to a barn, but it comes with more risks of the law watching along the roadways and possibly spotting your wagon full of shine. Go talk to the old shiner’s twin brother out in the swampy areas around the Kamassa River, but not in or at the hooch shack. He’ll help you export your shine 5 jugs at a time, but he’s only around from about 9am until 9pm.

Both of the shiner brothers are in this general area. But you’ll have to locate them from there. The one in the hooch shack will sell you a still and will buy your brew. The one out and about will help you export 5 jugs for a nice profit, but the wagon is a bit obvious.

You’re gonna want to keep your still and shine selling hidden from the law. Sisika Prison has lots of cells to fill with those that get caught.

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