{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Seventeen

Lawman Job

The Lawman job requires being roleplayed into and “hired”, pre-approval through separate application, and/or direct invite from the the admin team.

Lawmen in the server are divided into a few specific jurisdictions similar to how the US was set up during this time period. NOT EVERYBODY needs to be a Lawman, so these jobs are restricted in number to maintain balance with civilian population.

The Lawman job is one that requires honor, humility, and dedication. It’s not always, and actually, seldom is a good idea to respond to a situation guns blazing. Try actually talking with your suspect, first, and keep the situation from escalating to gun play.

Currently held and open positions will be located in our KUFFS Saloon section of our Discord.

  • US Marshals – Map wide jurisdiction. One Chief Marshal, One At-Large Marshal, and Two Regional Marshals. Each state has a Deputy US Marshal assigned, but they still have map wide jurisdiction.
  • Sheriffs – Many towns have Sheriffs that enforce the law inside and in the extreme general vicinity of their town. They are overseen by the US Marshals.
  • Deputy Sheriff – These deputies have jurisdiction inside and in the immediate vicinity of their assigned town and report to their Sheriff and US Marshal chain of command.
  • Siska Prison Guards – Overseen by the U. S. Marshal Service. These guards are stationed at Sisika Penitentiary and are responsible for keeping peace and guarding prisoners on the Sisika Prison island.

In the event of a major crime, Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies should reach out to the US Marshal for their territory as soon as possible. Use the telegram option or send a rider to go locate them. Coordination with other law enforcement is going to be difficult and take some time to keep things true to form for this time period.


Duty Weapons: Once whitelisted for the Lawman Job, you will have access to some weapons that are temporary while you’re on-duty at the various Sheriff’s Offices. When standing in the appropriate area, a prompt will display to Press [B] to open the Lawman options. Choose whatever weapon(s) you want for this shift. Do NOT forget your Lasso, you’ll need it to hogtie suspects.

Lawman Menu: When out and about on duty, you’ll have access to some job related tasks in the Lawman Menu. To open it, simply type /leo in chat. This is the menu you’ll use for arresting suspects after they’re lasso’d, putting them in your wagon, etc. More details are discussed during your training.

Badge Menu: Open the badge menu with the /badge command. This menu allows you to attach/unattach your badge, show your badge to other players, or move your badge around on your clothing.

Lawman Archives Journal: Using the lawman journal in your inventory will allow you to check criminal history on citizens, input new charges on citizens, and edit to add fines/jail time after trial.

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