{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Eighteen

Doctor Job

The doctor job requires being roleplayed into and “hired”, pre-approval through separate application, and/or direct invite from the the admin team.

The white listed Doctor Job provides medical treatment to players who’ve become injured, sick or near death and need revived. Doctors get paid a salary every 30 minutes in-game plus a percentage of the income collected for medical services and/or prescribed medicine sales.

All medical staff in region are hired by and report to the Chief Medical Doctor, Emmett L. Brown. Hired Medical staff will assume their duties in the state/territory/area they’ve been assigned to, will participate in regular medical staff meetings/Medical Summits to assist in developing and implementing laws/rules/regulations and also help further the science of the profession. NOT EVERYBODY needs to be a Doctor, so these jobs are restricted in number to maintain balance with civilian population.

NOTE: RedM medical jobs are NOT like medical jobs in the FiveM server. They do not respond to medical needs as a modern ambulance and medic crew would. In other words, while text chat notifications may be instant, their response will not be.

Typically, our doctors only make house calls to folk’s homes and such on a special needs basis. Otherwise, normally folks would have to physically travel to the doctor’s practice location to seek treatment. We do not have phones/radios to communicate in most doctor offices. Just person to person, telegram and express messenger service.

These guidelines will be explained/discussed in detail with all new hires, so expectations for job role work and RP are maintained.

Application Requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age IRL
  • In good standing as a player & Character – No previous bans for the player, No Law Record for character
  • Calm, Nurturing Demeanor
  • Take the business of Preventive medicine, healing and general public health seriously.
  • Desire to Help the general public remain healthy, informed on good health habits and provide excellent RP related to these guidelines and job description

What to expect of the application/hiring process:

You’ll meet with Doctor Brown at one of the clinics to interview for a job position.

This interview may take up to 2 hours due to the depth and scope of questions asked of you. You’re expected to bring Your Exam statistics and certification/Licensing paperwork from the A.M.A., Board of Medical Examiners and the National Medical Society (if applicable).

All new hires will receive training that includes current medical laws/regulations and treatment guidelines; as well as utilizing tools and available resources, prescription medication training, etc.

What to expect as a new hire:

  • All New hire Doctors start as Doctors of Osteopathic medicine (D.O.) (potential for upgrade to an M.D. and managing partner)
  • You’ll be assigned an area of practice as your main post
  • Chief Doctor will provide additional support to D.O.’s, ensuring resources and prescribed medicines are stocked, and handle hiring of additional doctors and medical assistants for a given practice.
  • Regular staff meetings/summits and additional training on field advancements.
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