{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Ten

Postman Job

Go to the post office location in any town (the envelope icon at the train station, usually.)

Stand in front of the the NPC and you should get a prompt to press [SPACEBAR] to start the job.

Press spacebar and begin your route. A Cart and horse will spawn outside the station.

Drive the cart to each successive location per your mini-map (usually will include the common stores such as the gun store, barber shop, general store etc),

When at a delivery location. Stand at the back of the cart and press the enter key to grab a box. (You may need to hop up into the wagon to collect the last couple of crates).

Bring it inside the to the delivery location indicated by on screen text. Press enter to drop the crate and deliver it. After each successful delivery the pay and XP you’ve earned will appear briefly on the right hand side of the screen. The pay and XP is paid out upon completion of the route and return of the cart.

Repeat this process until all crates have been delivered. Once Your cart is empty and all packages have been delivered, Drive the cart back to the nearest postman job location. Go to the postman job NPC, and press space bar to end the route and receive your pay and XP.

You are paid a bonus amount if the deliveries take you to another town.

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