{Player’s Guide}

Chapter Eleven

Stage Coach Job

The stage coach job is one that can be done by completing NPC routes, and/or through role-play with other players.


  • Head to the wagon wheel icon (usually outside the local train station)
  • There is an NPC Ped Standing in the Wagon Wheel Icon. Stand in front of him and follow the on screen prompt to open the job menu.
  • You’ll need to select a coach to do Your Job. The basic coach is free, Other coaches must be purchased. As you earn money you can purchase nicer coach models for use when you do the stage Coach job.
  • The coaches you retrieve in the Stage Coach job menu do not have any inventory functions, so no items may be stored inside. The Job coach pricing is lower than that of the coaches purchased at the stables for this reason, and to provide players something to work towards, purchase nicer coaches and improve their passenger’s comfort.

Once You’ve selected your coach, it will spawn nearby. Get in the driver’s seat and head to the marked location nearby. This is the pick up spot (marked with a small white circle with an ‘x’ in it), A route placed on your mini-map. When You’ve reached the pickup point, sit in your coach stationary until an NPC comes up and enters the coach.

When an NPC has entered the Coach and is seated, A new location marker will be placed on your mini-map and the route will be updated. This is the drop off point. Follow the route and transport your passenger to the drop off location.

When you reach the drop off point, the NPC will automatically exit and You will be paid. To continue driving NPC Routes, go to the new pick up point and repeat the process as desired.


  • Press the [O] Key on the Keyboard, and select “Stop Driving”
  • To store Your Coach, Open the Job menu [O] Key and select “Store Coach”


– You’ll need to go to a wagon wheel icon each time you need your Coach.

– Selecting “stop driving” while transporting an NPC will cause the route to be cancelled, the NPC will leave and You will not receive any pay.

– Do not leave your coach while on duty for NPC Routes. Doing say may glitch the coach out and stop accepting input from the player. In this case, You’ll need to store the coach and then go retrieve it again at a wagon wheel icon.

– Hunting from your coach along a route for an NPC transport, as this will cause the NPC to panic and leave the coach, or the coach may stop responding to player input as mentioned above.

– DO NOT drive fast/recklessly. You can damage your coach beyond usability, possibly kill the NPC passenger. ALSO and the more you jostle the NPC, the less You will receive in pay at the destination. This is equally true for player passengers.


  • Retrieve your desired coach from the job menu as explained above. Once You have spawned your coach, sit in the driver’s seat and open the Job Menu with the [O] Key. Select “Stop Driving” to disable NPC Passengers/Routes.
  • Players can enter Your coach as passengers by holding the [DEL] Key and pressing the [E] Key. If done correctly, they will enter one of the passenger seats.
  • Routes/Destinations and pay are all based upon your roleplay with your passengers. Don’t be greedy, charge a fair price and provide a nice travel experience for your player passengers. Consider providing some basic amenities such as a snack and/or beverage for the ride as part of the ticket price.
  • TIP: Use the player inventory and the Give system to accept payment and/or give your passengers things like food/beverages etc.
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