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OnyxEye – Rocket City Gamerz

Lead Admin

8 years


Father, husband, grandfather, and PC gaming addict.

Hey, y’all! I act as one of the Lead Admins for the KUFFS Gaming family of servers. I’m currently living in THE city of rockets, Huntsville, Alabama. I also live stream on YouTube and Facebook, when there’s time around the server admin stuff.

I’ve got three kids, one boy, two girls. Only my youngest daughter still lives at home, my son and oldest daughter are both grown and have their own little families.  I’ve got one granddaughter and one grandson. And yes, they are absolutely adorable.

I never would have believed that 2016’s first FiveReborn server would lead to all of the game servers we currently have active for our community.  I’m absolutely amazed at the amazing community members we’ve come to know and love. Can’t imagine a better group of friends.


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